Discover 5 Best LMSs with Gamification

In today’s competitive environment, employee training is crucial for organizational success. However, without active engagement and motivation, training effectiveness may suffer. To address this, organizations must prioritize engagement strategies, such as interactive learning methods and incentives for participation. Ultimately, fostering a culture of continuous learning and empowerment is key to sustained success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

That’s where gamified LMS (Learning Management System) comes into play, injecting gaming elements to make learning more dynamic and stimulating.

Gamified LMS platforms offer features like points, badges, levels, and leaderboards to incentivize and track progress:

  1. Points. Users earn points for completing tasks or training activities, unlocking badges and advancing levels.
  2. Badges. Tangible rewards for reaching milestones or completing materials, often customizable.
  3. Levels. Tracking progress and advancement based on specified criteria and passing scores.
  4. Leaderboards. Encouraging friendly competition among peers, motivating learners to excel.

In this article, we explore five LMS platforms with gamification known for their robust features. Let’s compare them briefly:

LMSs with Gamification – A Quick Comparison Chart

LMS Type of solution Distinctive features
1. Litmos A cloud-based gamified LMS  that aims to help you unify your learning management. It includes an LMS and a course catalog.
  • Awarding points and badges
  • Creation of your own badges
  • Ability to choose whether to show users the team or global leaderboard
  • Assigning levels
2. iSpring Learn A cloud-based LMS that puts a great emphasis on being easy-to-use and offering a wide range of features and functionalities for building and delivering training courses.
  • Points for attending webinars and face-to-face training sessions
  • Ability to award and remove points
  • Wide built-in collection of badges with advanced design
  • Creation of your own badges
  • User’s ranking position is based on the summary of points and badges
  • Ratings can be viewed in the report section
3. Adobe Captivate Prime A cloud-hosted LMS with gamification that boasts skill management, extensive social learning features, and in-depth reporting.
  • Creation of your own badges
  • Points are given for the completion of specific tasks
  • Four fixed levels: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum
  • User’s ranking position can be viewed in comparison with a particular team member
4. eFront A cloud-based platform that allows you to build an enterprise training platform exactly as you want it.
  • Awarding points
  • Seven categories of badges with each category offering eight levels of badges
  • Assigning levels
  • User’s ranking position according to points, levels, badges, completed courses, and certificates
5. Paradiso A cloud Moodle-based gamified training platform that focuses on delivering four pillars – Utility, Price, Maintenance and Mobile Compatibility.
  • Awarding points
  • Creation of your own badges which can be published on social media
  • Assigning levels
  • User’s ranking position is based on the achieved points, levels, and rank

1. Litmos

Litmos is a cloud-based software developed by Litmos Solutions, aiming to streamline learning management needs by integrating gamified LMS platform with a comprehensive course catalog.

Gamification Features

  • Points/badges. Users receive these upon completing courses or learning paths. Configuration involves creating a gamification item and assigning a name. Badges can be chosen from a collection or uploaded as custom images. Options exist to specify whether points and badges apply to selected courses or learning paths.
  • Leaderboards. User rankings are determined by total earned points, with administrators able to enable global or team leaderboards.
  • Levels. Users can attain levels based on predefined gamification criteria, requiring specification of items needed to reach each level.


Litmos operates on an annual billing cycle, with costs linked to the number of learners each month. It’s crucial to stay within the monthly threshold to avoid access restrictions. For standalone LMS with gamification purchases, pricing starts at $6 per user per month for a minimum of 150 users..

My verdict

Litmos is ideal for businesses aiming to motivate employees through gamification, offering fundamental customizable components.

2. iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn is a cloud-based gamified learning management system. It emphasizes user-friendliness and offers a wide range of tools and functionalities for developing and delivering training courses.

Gamification Features

  • Points. Users accumulate points by completing theoretical material, assessments, courses, or attending webinars or face-to-face training sessions. Administrators can set fixed points for different completions or specific points for individual courses. They also have the flexibility to adjust users’ points by adding or deducting them and providing a reason for the change.
  • Badges. Users earn badges for completing courses, reaching point milestones, or participating in events. They may receive titles for completing courses or attending events, or earn new badges for every 50 points. The platform offers a variety of pre-made badges that can be customized with custom images, known for their sophisticated design.
  • Leaderboards. User achievements are showcased on leaderboards based on their total points and badges. Administrators can access ratings through the report section, filtered by departments or groups, and view individual user achievements.


iSpring offers two subscription options – Start and Business, with the latter providing advanced features. Subscription costs are determined by the selected plan and the number of learners accessing the platform monthly. For example, the Start subscription for 100 learners costs $2.87 per learner.

My verdict

iSpring Learn is an outstanding option for companies aiming to elevate user engagement and excitement in their learning experiences. The gamification in LMS features sophisticated design, while the interface remains user-friendly for both users and administrators.

3. Adobe Captivate Prime

Adobe Captivate Prime is a cloud-hosted gamified learning management system developed by Adobe, renowned for its comprehensive skill management, robust social learning features, and detailed reporting capabilities.

Gamification Features

  • Badges. This gamification LMS rewards badges upon the completion of any learning materials. Users can craft their own badges using default images or custom artwork uploads. While the built-in collection is limited, the badges boast advanced designs.
  • Points. Users accrue points for completing specific tasks, with seven predefined gamification tasks like Fast Learner and Self-Driven Learner. For example, finishing designated courses within a specified timeframe earns users 20 points. Administrators can tweak time periods and course requirements for earning points.
  • Levels. With four fixed levels – bronze, silver, gold, and platinum – users progress by accumulating a predetermined number of points, offering customization options.
  • Leaderboards. The platform showcases user rankings on leaderboards relative to specific team members and other team members.


There are two pricing models:

  1. Registered User Pricing Model: Based on the maximum number of learners who can register monthly, starting at $4 per learner per month.
  2. Monthly Active User Pricing Model: Suited for organizations with fluctuating learner numbers monthly, with pricing details available upon direct contact with Adobe.

My verdict

Adobe Captivate Prime stands out as an excellent choice for companies emphasizing level achievements and task completions as the core gamification elements in their training programs.


eFront developed by Epignosis LLC, is a cloud-hosted gamified LMS. With eFront LMS, users enjoy extensive customization options at the source code level, enabling them to tailor their training platform precisely to their needs.

Gamification Features

  • Points. Users earn points for various activities, such as completing learning materials, logging in, enrolling in self-paced courses, obtaining certifications, and engaging in discussions or comments.
  • Badges. With seven badge categories, each offering eight levels, badges are relatively easy to attain initially, like upon course completion, and progressively more challenging as users advance, such as after achieving a certificate.
  • Levels. Users start at level 1 by default, with administrators setting criteria for level progression, which may include accumulating points or badges or completing specific courses.
  • Leaderboards. The leaderboard showcases users’ rankings compared to peers across categories like points, levels, badges, completed courses, and certificates. It highlights top performers and includes users close to the current user, limited to individuals within the same branch.


Starting at $1000 per month for up to 1000 registered users, billed annually.

My verdict

eFront is a suitable LMS with gamification for enterprises seeking basic gamification features integrated into their learning management system.

5. Paradiso

Paradiso LMS developed by Paradiso Solutions, is a cloud-based gamified learning management system constructed on Moodle, emphasizing four essential factors: Utility, Affordability, Maintenance, and Mobile Compatibility.

Gamification Features

  • Badges. Users earn badges upon completing any learning material. Custom badges can be created by uploading images and assigning names, although there’s no pre-existing badge collection. However, these badges can be shared on social media.
  • Points. Points are awarded for various actions, such as commenting, course completion, and engaging with posts. Certain activities, like subscriptions, also contribute to progressing to the next level. While default rules for point allocation exist, users can establish their own rules.
  • Levels. Administrators have the flexibility to set point thresholds required for advancing to the next level.
  • Leaderboards. User rankings on the leaderboard are determined by accumulated points, showcasing achieved levels and rank.


Paradiso does not disclose pricing information. Interested parties should reach out to the vendor for details.

My verdict

Paradiso gamified LMS offers fundamental gamification features with customizable point allocation rules, making it a potential choice for organizations familiar with Moodle.

Final Thoughts

All the reviewed LMSs with gamification boast robust gamification features, including points, badges, levels, and leaderboards. Effective utilization of gamification in lms can significantly enhance user engagement and motivation in the learning process.

I recommend exploring free trials of these gamified LMS to experience their features firsthand. I hope this review aids in selecting the best gamification lms to meet your needs.

Have you experimented with the gamified learning management system? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences! Drop them in the comments section below.

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  1. Alex Gorringe

    Hi David. I am very much enjoying reading your articles while researching the best software to meet my needs. However, the programs you mention all appear to be aimed at in-house training courses. I am hoping to create commercial training courses to sell to the public. I am therefore looking for a program that offers the course authoring tools for me, plus a public interface with capability to accept payments for the customer. Gamification options would be very useful too. The ability to choose the direction of subsequent learning based on success rate on previous courses would also be very useful. Does anything like this exist? My courses will be educational, aimed at children, mostly consisting of graphics, written questions and multiple choice answers, with pop-up explanations if the question in answered incorrectly, plus slide-based animated training videos. Do you know of any programs that offer all of this? I’d be very grateful of any information you could give me, as you are clearly an expert and I am totally new to the field!

    1. David (author)

      Hi Alex,
      Thanks for reaching out.

      Recommend you to try out a bundle – iSpring Suite & iSpring Market.
      iSpring Suite is an easy ppt-based authoring tool for creating online courses with all features you need.
      iSpring Market is a marketplace for selling your courses, it includes gamification.

      Hope to be useful.

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