20 Best E-learning Authoring Tools
Best E-learning Authoring Tools
An authoring tool is one of the most important pieces of software in your e-learning toolkit. After all, you can’t create a course without one. In this article,
Moodle LMS Review
Moodle LMS review
This time I’m bringing you a comprehensive look at the world’s most famous open-source Learning Management System, Moodle. We’ll find out why it’s considered one of the best
eLeaP LMS Review
eLeap LMS review
Today, I’m bringing you a full “hands-on” review of eLeaP LMS. It’s advertised as a powerful cloud-based learning platform for business that features flexible user management, e-commerce, and
Adobe Captivate Prime LMS Review
captivate prime
In this review, we’ll evaluate Adobe Captivate Prime LMS, a cloud-hosted training platform for business that boasts skill management, extensive social learning features and in-depth reporting. Here’s a
Paradiso LMS Review
Paradiso LMS Review
In this review, we’ll take a look at Paradiso LMS, a Moodle-based training platform from Paradiso Solutions that features gamification and skill management, while offering the now-standard blended
eFront LMS Review
eFront LMS review
Today, I’m reviewing eFront LMS. According to Epignosis, the software’s vendor, it’s an all-round SaaS product for business with SCORM/xAPI support, eCommerce and a built-in authoring tool. Let’s
EasyLMS Review
Easy LMS
Hi, it’s your humble friend David and I’m testing learning management systems so you don’t have to. This week I’ll give you a full hands-on review of EasyLMS,
ScholarLMS Review
ScholarLMS review
This is a full review of ScholarLMS, a cloud-based learning platform based on Moodle and bundled with Gamification, eCommerce, xAPI support and some other interesting features that we
SkyPrep LMS Review
SkyPrep LMS review
Today I’m bringing you a comprehensive review of SkyPrep, an LMS that comes with SCORM 1.2 support, e-commerce and quite a few integrations that should help you tailor
SAP Litmos Review
Litmos LMS review
In this review, I’ll take a look at SAP Litmos LMS, a training platform for business that includes an LMS and a vast course catalog. Let’s find out